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Our Story

Our story.

From pop culture icons to viral street style, our collections are inspired by all the JOJO girls around us and in our lives. Designed exclusively in-house by a talented team of designers, our JOJO Planet label delivers an entire wardrobe to every JOJO girl, regardless of where she lives in the world or what her personal style is. Laidback and relaxed one day to sleek and sexy the next, we know your style changes with your mood, so we make sure we've always got something for you.



Rewind to 2012 and we were a brand founded in Alaska, United States, founded by sisters Jeannie and Sam. Fast forward to today, and we're a leading online global fashion destination with a cult social media following, major stockists worldwide, and zero plans to slow down. Follow us on Instagram to know our latest news and fashion.



We want every girl who wear JOJO Planet to feel positive, powerful, and confident in herself. We know there are many sides to a strong female and that's exactly why we're unpredictable, ever-changing and always ahead of the game. We're right now but we're forward-thinking, we're real life but we dream, and we're always on.